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There are no direct flights to Malawi from outside Africa, but connecting inter-African flights are operated by Ethiopian Airlines, Malawi Airlines, Kenya Airways, and South African Airways. International and domestic airport taxes are included in the ticket price.

International Airport

Kamuzu International Airport (Lilongwe)

Kamuzu International Airport, 26km north of Lilongwe city centre, serves as the main point of entry for international flights. It has daily flights between Lilongwe and Johannesburg, Nairobi, and Addis Ababa, and direct flights to Lusaka, Harare, and Dar es Salaam also land in Blantyre at Chileka International Airport.

Chileka International Airport (Blantyre)

Chileka International Airport, 16km north of Blantyre, acts as a major regional airport. It has direct flights to Nairobi, Addis Ababa, and Johannesburg also land in Lilongwe at Kamuzu International Airport.


Malawi Airlines

Malawi Airlines Limited is the national flag carrier of Malawi. It was established in July 2013, and first called Malawian Airlines until September 2016 when the name changed to Malawi Airlines. It is a registered partnership company with shareholding between Malawi Government (51%) and Ethiopian Airlines (49%). Malawi Airlines operates B737-700 and Q400 Aircrafts with direct flights to regional cities of Johannesburg, Lusaka, Harare, and Dar es Salaam, besides domestic flights between Lilongwe and Blantyre.

Malawi Airlines:

Ulendo Airlink

Ulendo Airlink, the aviation wing of Ulendo Travel Group, operates safe twin-prop planes to domestic and international locations including Likoma Island, Chilinda (Nyika National Park), and Mfuwe (Zambia). Private charters are also available from Ulendo.

Ulendo Airlink:

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