Dedza Potterty

Dedza Pottery

Dedza Pottery is one of the major workshops for Art Safaris in Malawi, situated in the beautiful gardens, with the Dedza Mountains forming the backdrop to this spectacular location. It was established in 1987 by Christopher Stevens and Charity Stevens from the United Kingdom. The Pottery has made use of locally sourced raw materials to create and develop an internationally recognised pottery business. The pottery establishment employs over 130 people and thus plays an important role in both the local community and in Malawi’s tourism industry.

The shop at the Dedza Pottery sells a wide range of useful and colourful handcrafted pottery. Figurines in a variety of sizes illustrate Malawian life, including people at work and making music, minibuses, and trucks. Attractive, hand-painted tableware includes plates, mugs, jugs, and teapots. Bathroom-ware and tiles are also available. Dedza Pottery products are now found all round Malawi, as well as being sold for export.

It has long hosted the onsite restaurant offers delicious cakes and a quiet place to relax with a roaring log fireplace, and it now offers accommodation to a similar standard. It arranges guided day trips to the various rock-art sites in the vicinity. Guided walks on Dedza Mountain are also available.

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Getting there and away

To reach the Dedza Pottery turn east off the M1 at the northern junction for the Dedza Township road. After 100m turn north onto a dirt road for 1km. The Pottery is opposite the sawmill.