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Immigration to Malawi

Entering Malawi

Below is a basic introduction to the Malawi immigration system.

Please contact your closest Malawi embassy or consulate outside Malawi or an Immigration Office inside Malawi for official advice.

Entering Malawi

A valid passport is required, with at least six months of validity, and you should be in possession of an onward or return ticket, though this is seldom checked.

Travellers coming from countries whose nationals are required to have visas prior to entry into Republic of Malawi (a full list is available at, they are strongly advised to obtain their visas well in advance at their nearest Malawi Diplomatic Mission abroad before travelling.

However, visas can be obtained on arrival with the exception of the countries listed on the website.

Proof of Yellow Fever vaccinations only needs to be presented by travellers coming from countries that are at risk.

Visa fees are as follows:

In 2015 Malawi introduced a new regime requiring visas for the majority of nationalities.

Fees Payable on issue of Visa in Malawi
  • Transit Visa USD50
  • Single Entry Visa USD75
  • Multiple Entry Visa for Six Months USD150
  • Multiple Entry Visa for Twelve Months USD250
Fees Payable on issue of Visa in Malawi Missions
  • Transit Visa USD70
  • Single Entry Visa USD100
  • Multiple Entry Visa for Six Months USD220
  • Multiple Entry Visa for Twelve Months USD300
Visa extension and Temporary Residence Permit

Once in Malawi, travellers with one-month single-entry visa can apply to extend it to three months total at the immigration offices in Malawi. This costs MK5,000 per month and MK10,000 for two months in cash.

Temporary Residence Permit, lasting up to six months and available at Immigration offices in Lilongwe and Blantyre costs USD100. It takes around one or two months to be issued and will be expired once you leave Malawi.

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