Learn Chichewa Basic Dictionary 6 (Numbers/Adverbs)

Basic Dictionary 6 (Numbers / Adverbs)

1. Numbers

The old number system is now mainly used only for counting things up to five. For yourself at this point, you can primarily use the modern system, which is basically just the English numbers with Chichewa pronunciation. It is almost universally used for numbers higher than five.

English Chichewa
one __modzi
two __wiri
three __tatu
four __nayi
five __sanu
six sikisi
seven seveni
eight eyiti
nine naini
ten teni
eleven leveni
twelve twelofu
thirteen setini
fourteen fotini
fifteen fifitini
sixteen sikisitini
seventeen sevenitini
eighteen eyitini
nineteen naintini
twenty twente
twenty-one twente-wani
thirty sate
forty fote
hundred handredi
thousand sauzande

From one to five must be used with prefixes (a, zi and i), but there are no prefixes used from six, so all the classes work with the modern number words in the same way.

1. Adverbs

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. In English, examples of adverbs include:

I walk quickly. I swim well. They hardly want it.

English Chichewa
now tsopano
just ngo
later / another time nthawi ina
a lot / very much kwambiri
a little pang’ono
quickly / early mofulumira
late mochedwa
slowly pang’ono pang’ono
here pano
there apa
well bwino
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