Linga Winery Visit in Lilongwe

Linga Winery Visit

Name Linga Winery
Address P.O. Box 2262, Lilongwe 3
Location Area 3, Lilongwe (Email or Call for Booking) 
Phone +265 (0)999955856
Open Hours 8:00am – 4:00pm (Mon-Sun)
SNS Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @lingawine
VISA Cash only

Linga Winery is located in the leafy suburbs of Area 3 and was registered as a commercial entity in 2006.

Linga Winery visit is one of the opportunity you cannot afford to miss in Lilongwe.

Visitors will learn the background of Linga Winery, see the various processes and technologies involved and sample at least 3 varieties of Linga Fruit Wine.

The name ‘Linga’ means ‘a fortress’ in Chichewa and was the village of the managing partner of Linga Wine, Dr. Timothy Ngwira’s mother in the Kasungu District.

They offer 7 varieties of fresh wine produced from fruits including Jambula, Mulberry, Plum, Rosella, Strawberry, White Guava and White Peach other than grapes.

The various fruits are procured from rural farm families across Malawi.

Linga Winery is certified by the Malawi Bureau of Standards, holds MS178 and is currently pursuing the ISO22000 Food Safety Management System.

Linga Fruit Wine is predominantly distributed nationally through Shoprite and Spar branches and smaller outlets and internationally via africanosworld in the UK.

They can be also found at Farmers Market in Lilongwe.

Tasting wine outside after learning Linga Wine is exceptional.

Winery Visit

Opening Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm (Mon-Sun)

Price: MK8,000 / 90 minutes,  MK15,000 / 180 minutes

For booking:

  • Phone: +265(0)999955856
  • Email: