Mzuzu Nature Sanctuary

Mzuzu Nature Sanctuary

Mzuzu Nature Sanctuary was established in 1985 to create awareness to the public about wildlife and environment conservation. The Sanctuary covers an area of 30ha of indigenous Brachystegia (Miombo) woodland and is located 3km east of Mzuzu City, bordering the larger Kang’ina Forest Reserve. Before the Sanctuary was declared a protected area, the land was being used for cultivation.

An information centre displaying skulls, horns and other artefacts stands near the entrance, and two short walking trails offer the opportunity to look for wildlife such as red duiker, yellow baboon, vervet monkey, elephant-shrew, bush pig. Occasionally the place is visited by blue monkeys and red duikers. There is also a wide variety of woodland birds including Schalow’s turaco, Boehm’s bee-eater, Walker’s starling, pygmy kingfisher and black-headed oriole.

The Sanctuary offers a very quiet environment for the peace of mind. It also provides exciting activities for both educational and recreational purposes.

Getting there and away

The reserve lies about 3km from the city centre and it is clearly signposted on the left side of the Nkhata Bay road, opposite Pine Tree B&B. You can just head out along the Nkhata Bay road about 200m past the Courthouse, hop on any public transport and ask to be dropped off at the State House bus stage.