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Travel Expenses in Malawi

Travel Expenses in Malawi

Malawi is a country that can be done on any budget.

Accommodation ranges from luxury safari lodges and hotels to cheap local hotels and dormitories in hostels.

The cheapest way to stay is to bring a tent and camp, a lot of backpacker hostels have areas for camping at a fraction of the price of rooms.

Food Expenses

Food ranges from supermarkets and restaurants in big cities where food catering to a more Western taste can be found, and to the cheap, market stalls and local food places where a plate of nsima or rice with vegetable, meat or fish costs about MK1,000 to MK2,000.

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Transportation ranges from taxi to minibus (TOYOTA HIACE).

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Entrance fee to National Parks and Wildlife Reserves

The entrance fee to the National Parks is:

  • USD10 for international visitors
  • USD7 for international residents
  • USD1 for Malawians
  • Free entry for accompanied children under 12
  • Daily fee for private vehicles USD3 to USD15 depending on weight
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Your travel budget will depend on what you do and how you do it.

Examples of price lists for mid-ranges

USD1=MK727 (as of December 2018)


  • At local restaurants MK1,000
  • At fast food restaurants MK3,000
  • At restaurants, hotels and lodges MK5,000


At mid-range Restaurants, hotels and lodges MK10,000


  • Water (500ml) at mid-range restaurant Mk250-400
  • Soft drinks (350ml, Fanta and Coke) at mid-range restaurant Mk350-800
  • Beer (350ml) at mid-range restaurant and bar MK1000-1500


Taxi (30km/40min from Lilongwe International Airport to City centre)  MK15,000-MK20,000

AXA bus

  • From Lilongwe to Blantyre (320km)          MK8,000 (Express) MK13,000 (Super Executive)
  • From Lilongwe to Mzuzu (430km)             MK9,800 (Express)
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Hotel, lodges (Mid-range)

  • Dorm bed USD10pp
  • Single room USD25pp
  • Double room USD40pp