WHOA Malawi

WHOA Malawi

Brand Name WHOA Malawi 
Address  P.O. Box 502 Lilongwe, Malawi
Location Design and Printing PLUS, Corporate Mall, Area 4, Lilongwe
Phone +265 (0)993392499
SNS Facebook, Instagram @whoamalawi 
VISA Cash only

WHOA Malawi was born as a fashion brand from the soils of Malawi.

WHOA! Has two meanings;

  1. Amazing the world like ‘Wow!’
  2. Standing for ‘Warm Heart Of Africa’

WHOA! Vision

  • To make Malawian happy by providing Malawian fashion
  • To empower local people and youths in Malawi by creating job opportunities
  • To enhance Malawi’s presence through quality products made in Malawi